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Washington District 2 Tournaments

2013 District 2 Tournaments

Site locations are identified for this year's tournaments!

Bainbridge Island Little League will host the 9-10 Year Old, the 10-11 Year Old, the Major, and the Junior Girls Softball District tournaments.  The Major tournament will start on June 27th and the other tournaments will start on June 29th

Gig Harbor Little Leagues will host the 9-10 & 10-11 Year Old Baseball District tournaments. The tournaments will start on June 29th.

North Kitsap Little Leagues will host the Major Baseball District tournament. The tournament will start on June 29th.

South Kitsap Eastern Little League will host the Junior and Senior Baseball tournaments. They will start June 29th.

Our District will again host the Big League Baseball Regional tournament. This year it will again be held at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds on the same field that the Blue Jackets use. The Big League Regional games start on Monday July 15th and run through Saturday July 20th.

See the appropriate link below for the game brackets. These will be updated with game results as they are reported. Note that game days and times are subject to change.

Team Roster forms (fill out two for each game) can be downloaded here (MSWord PDF).

Guidelines for Tournament Play can be downloaded icon HERE.

Note, maps to the fields have been added.  Click on the links above for a map and directions to the field you are interested in.

For information on the State tournaments go to www.LittleLeagueWA.org


2013 District 2 Tournament Updates

Check back often for updated information.

Tournament Schedules and Scores

9-10 Year Old

  Bainbridge Island Gold - Champions
Fourth in State

Gig Harbor - Champions
Second in State

10-11 Year Old

Bainbridge Island - Champions

Gig Harbor - Champions
State Champions


  Gig Harbor National - Champions

Bainbridge Island - Champions
Third in State


Key Peninsula - Champions

East Jefferson / Sequim - Champions
Second in State


South Kitsap Western - Champions
Fifth in State

Big League

Washington State

10-11 Baseball
In Progress

Western Regional

Big League Baseball
Southern California District 13
Thousand Oaks
West Champions

To see all of the District 2 Champions click this 

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To see all of the Big League Regional teams click this

For information on the State tournaments go to www.LittleLeagueWA.org

For all of the Regional and World Series schedules and information for all divisions go to http://www.littleleague.org/World_Series.htm

2013 9-10 Baseball Champions

9-10 Baseball
Bainbridge Island Gold
Bainbridge Island Little League
Bainbridge Island


Manager Ian Ritchie, Coaches Sean Cruzen & Brian LaPlaca

Players: Kai Francis, Jackson Grinter, Kevin Jarreau, Aaron LaPlaca, Jake Lozowski, Samuel Mroz, Thomas Murphy, Owen Rector, Samuel Lim Rice, Ian Heath Ritchie Jr., Gabriel Todd, EIIiot Weyand, Elliot Weaver, Caleb Breen

2013 9-10 Softball Champions

9-10 Softball
Gig Harbor American & National Little Leagues
Gig Harbor

Manager Dean Johnston, Coaches Joe Haworth & Dave Hombach
Players: Edyn Picinich, Abby Pearce, Kayla Merrill, Natalie Haworth, Kennedy Hombach, Ella Anthony, Aubrey Callahan, Shae Callahan, Caroline Hofmann, Chloe Yerex, McKenna Johnston, Audrey, Allen

2013 10-11 Baseball Champions

10-11 Baseball
Bainbridge Island Little Leagues
Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island

Manager Bill Kobs, Coaches Tim Kussie & Jeff Donegan

Players: #9 Gus Corsetti, #6 Brock Cunningham, #23 Theo Hale, #10 Dylan Kobs, #7 Nate LaPlaca, #26 Sio Peato, #8 Josh Donegan, #5 Parker Biertzer, #14 Nathan Mathisen, #11 Christian Barrett, #13 Jon Kussie, #15 Caleb Markowitz, #12 Brandis Magrini

2013 10-11 Softball Champions

10-11 Softball
Gig Harbor American & National Little Leagues
Gig Harbor


Manager Bob Werner, Coaches Mark Ivester & Justin Maughan

#1 Abby Paul, #24 Adelaide Werner, #8 Allie Ivester, #10 Anna Stewart, #16 Camryn Dickens, #7 Emma Maughan, #22 Lorin Maughan, #2 Maddie Malich, #5 Madisen McCutcheon, #4 Sophia Declements, #32 Sophia Lawson

2013 Major Baseball Champions

Major Baseball
Gig Harbor National Little League
Gig Harbor

Manager Mark Evenson, Coaches Bryce Hardy & Greg Fisher
Players: Cree Evenson, Matt Hammer, Sebastian Toglia, Anders Vogel, Jan Williams, Ben Undem, Griffin Bakken, Mason Fisher, Garrett Ofsthun, Brandon White, Erik Stewart, Cage Hardy, Bryce Bailey

2013 Major Softball Champions

Major Softball
Bainbridge Island Little League
Bainbridge Island

Manager Eric Wikstrom , Coaches Thomas Alpaugh & Brian D’Amato
Players: Olivia Wikstrom, Georgia Sauermann, Malia Peato, Caroline Najarian, Morgan Lassoff, Olivia Pells, Jenna Tabisola, Hailey Capps, Charlotte Bond, Natalie D'Amato, Kari Perry, Marianne Milander, Mollie Alpaugh

2013 Junior Baseball Champions

Junior Baseball
Key Peninsula Little Leagues
Key Peninsula

Key Peninsula
Manager Greg VanOverbeke, Coaches Ben Baca & Jason Norem
Players: #5 Austyn Thompson, #3 Adam Baca, #9 Jacob Gray, #20 Noah Endsley, #12 Nathan VanOverbeke, #15 Alex Cottey, #23 Kelly Polk, #18 Jacob Lauridsen, #8 Aiden Krug-Norem, #10 Sam Schwenzer, #16 Lane Forsell

2013 Junior Softball Champions

Junior Softball
East Jefferson & Sequim Little Leagues
Chimacum, Sequim

East Jefferson Sequim
Manager Mike Eldridge, Coaches Jim Eldridge & Donny Sparks
Players: #10 Chloie Sparks, #11 Erin Vig, #13 Jordan Bentz, #15 Nicole Anders, #17 Kaylee Gumm, #18 Lauren Montgomery, #21 Shanya Nisbet, #22 Ryley Eldridge, #27 Bradyn Nelson, #28 Mechelle Nisbet, #31 Erin Macedo

2013 Senior Baseball Champions

Senior Baseball
South Kitsap Western Little League
Port Orchard

South Kitsap Western
Manager Rich Cantu, Coaches Levi Strobel & Bill Jones
Players: Jon Buchner-Gorman, Jesse Cargile, Zach Short, Brett Walden, Nate Arnold, Drew Randall, JD Jones, Tyler Varner, Zach Cantu, Dallin Briggs, John Ostrowski, Joey Pronovost, Dustin Rice, Tylor Hale