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Washington State 9-10 Softball Tournament

2011 WA State 9-10 Softball Teams

The 2011 Washington State 9-10 Softball Tournament teams hail from District 1 – South Snohomish; District 2 – Gig Harbor; District 4 – Cascade; District 6 – Lewis River; District 7 – South Highline American / National & Pac West; District 8 – Woodinville / Woodinville West; District 9 – Sno-Valley North; District 10 – Chinook; District 11 – Sedro Woolley; District 13 – West Plains

District 1
South Snohomish Little League, Snohomish, WA
District Administrator Tony Monfiletto

Manager Fred Miller, Coaches Steve Gowen & Rusty MacMillan
Abby Winckler, Delaney Kaysner, Elle Everett, Hailey Miller, Haley Grambo, Harlee Carpenter, Isabella MacMillan, Kendall Curtis, Kylie Westlund, Maddie Eatmon, Sydney Gowen, Sydney Guffey



District 2
Gig Harbor American & National Little Leagues, Gig Harbor, WA
District Administrator Pat Ryan
President Cy Oatridge

Manager Mike Paul, Coaches Mark Ivester & Eric Harry
Lauryn Fuller, Morgan Leinstock, Emily Carlson, Amanda Carlson, Adelaide Werner, Mairin Harry, Skylar Paul, Allie Ivester, Alli Brown, Emma Maughan, Madisen McCuthcheon


District 4
Cascade Little League, Vancouver, WA
District Administrator Mike Ray

Manager Chuck Rowden, Coaches Matt Haney, & Joni Gehrmann
Averie Haney, Katie Hancock, Lauren Gerhmann, Madison Rooney, Sally Johnson, Isabella Valdez, Mackenzie Lewis, Elizabeth Rowden, Morgan Brown, Isabelle Aff, Kaitlyn Robinson, Amanda Grimes, Emma Riggens


District 6
Woodland Little League, Vancouver, WA
District Administrator Tom Dent

Manager Tom Eddy, Coaches Jeff Warndahl, & Josh Bunger
#7 Kylie Herghaus, #43 Maddi Bunger, #2 Alyssa Collins, #23 Emily Dietrich, #8 Jaelyn Dodds, #11 Chole Eddy, #12 Justice Holcomb, #32 Makylee Knight, #18 Sammi Ripp, #20 Carleigh Risley, #15 Lila Russell, #10 Gelina Wakefield, #16 Mabel Warndahl


District 7
South Highline American & National & Pac West, Burien, WA
District Administrator Will Stedman

Manager Mark McGillis, Coaches Mike Leahy, & Darryl Felix
Anglicia Lucero, Chloe Johnson, Graciana Mecklenburg, Jessica Quackenbush, Kaya Fernades, Kelsey Wieland, Kimberly Basabe, Marianna De Simone, Nicole Pham, Samantha Box, Shayla Felix, Tatiana Leahy, Taylor McGillis


District 8
Woodinville & Woodinville West Little Leagues, Woodinville, WA
District Administrator Gil Nilson

Manager Marcene Sullivan, Coaches Mark Lingen, & Quenten Pippel
Mikaelie Sullivan, Rachael Rhinehart, Katie Pippel, Chloe Lingen, Kate Perkins, Bailey Burger-Moore, Sophie Hall, Anna Rodgers, Mikayla Kypreos, Tessa Eldred, Jackie Lemke


District 9
Sno-Valley North Little League, Duval, WA
District Administrator Bob Toigo

Manager Kevin Hall, Coaches Ken Rich, & Pete Beckett
Sydney Beckett, Michaela Carter, Mikayla Davidson, Cassidy Derieg, Taeler Gerde, Kelly Hall, Hailey Hoke, Katelynn Merrick, Lauren Rich, Alexis Robertson, Elaine Townley


District 10
Chinook Little League, Kent, WA
District Administrator Charlie Frampton

Manager Brian Pipitone, Coaches Dave Harder, & Phil Wallen
#14 Hailey Roberts, #11 Halle McGowan, #16 Olivia Whitfield, #12 Maddi Pipitone, #00 Josie Wolff, #8 Peyton Wallen, #3 Audrey Hawley, #31 Taylor Anglin, #9 Makayla Staley, #4 Danika Seabrands, #10 Alyssa Torrey, #1 Brianna Harder


District 11
Sedro Woolley Little League, Sedro Woolley, WA
District Administrator Ken Tyler

Manager Elena Roppel, Coaches Amy Stroud, & Leah Friend
Madisyn Roppel, Megan Friend, Madison Ortiz, Emmalee Weide, Nicole Wright, Jillian Guffle, Emma Claybo, Justice Parker, Julia Carter, Abi Hannan, Myranda Mitchel, Riley Conn


District 13
West Plains Little League, Spokane, WA
District Administrator George Kinney

Manager Chris Redell, Coaches Erin Gleave & Tab Bray
#43 Lexie Redell, #10 Cheyanne Gleave, #1 Angela Urquidez, #9 Mackenzie Hritsco, #1 Mercedes Mitzenberg, #4 Shelby Melton, #12 Tarienne Flask, #2 Kelsey Bray, #13 Madison Lundberg, #3 Leah Kunz, Zoe Lamb

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