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Washington State Junior Baseball Tournament

2012 WA State Junior BB Teams

The 2012 Washington State Junior Baseball Tournament teams hail from District 1 – Stilly Valley; District 2 – South Kitsap Western; District 6 – Hazel Dell; District 7 – PacWest; District 8 – Queen Ann; District 9 – Bellevue Thunderbird; District 10 – Bonney Lake/Sumner; District 11 – South Skagit; District 13 – West Plains

District 1
Stilly Valley Little League, Arlington, WA
District Administrator Tony Monfiletto
President Jim Leavitt

Manager Wes Sheward, Coaches Bob Bergley & Doug Kindred
Players: Alec Ecker, Austin Peters, Wyatt Bass, Mason Bergley, Tristan Sheward, Blake Hathaway, Avery Kindred, Daniel Smith, Keiton Wrzeskinski, Josh Snyder, Michael Barene, and Brandon Perdue

District 2
South Kitsap Western Little League, Port Orchard, WA
District Administrator Pat Ryan
President Bob Showers

District 2
Manager Bill Jones, Coaches Rick Williams & Jack Brooks
Players: Nate Arnold, David Boozer, Jonathan Buchner-Gorman, Tylar Hale, Parker Johnson, JD Jones, Jacob Ostrowski, Dustin Rice, Lucas Skinner, Angelo Trujillo, Brett Walden, Mikey Williams, Nicholas Wilson

District 6
Hazel Dell Little League, Vancouver, WA
District Administrator Tom Dent
President McCabe Karcher

District 6
Manager Scott Tinker, Coaches Tim McCarroll & Dave Barcos
Players: Tyler Barcos, Chris Huntsinger, Shane McCarroll, Taylor Easterly, Caleb Gwinn, Brendan Fairbanks, Matthew Carr, Carl Johnson, Kyle Meyers, Jacob Cook, Brian Pollendey, Jaret Carlson

District 7
PacWest Little League, Burien, WA
District Administrator Will Stedman
President Mitch Stone

District 7
Manager John Domenowske, Coaches Jason Welcome & Carl Stacy
Players Jordan Welcome, Nathan Gordon, Danny Perkins, Matthew Horejsi, Nicholas Dammeier, Christian Stacy, Joey Hengtgen, Jonathan Pashby, Jacob Hines, Trevon Bailey, Marcus Villanueva, Ryan Hinton, Jacob Green

District 8
Queen Ann Little League, Seattle, WA
District Administrator Gil Nilson

District 8
Manager Mike Farnham, Coaches Thomas Buck & Matt Johnson
Players Sam Farnham, Alex Decaro, Jack Baker, Elliott Atkinson, Eddie Bjarko, Sam Makin, Max Makin, Tyler Hoogendoorn, Jack Lund, Olin Morris, Joe Eskenazi, Nick Yand, Lucas Ford, Kiril Milam

District 9
Bellevue Thunderbird Little League, , WA
District Administrator Bob Toigo
President Larry Holden

District 9
Manager Andre Baroshkoff, Coaches Danny Rodriguez & Dave Schilling
Players Conner Schilling, Thomas Sikkema, Andrew Barashkoff, Alex Fordyce, D.J. Rodriguez, Chris VanderMolen, Kenny LaFayette, Jordan Rodriguez, Tomo Sueyoshi, Aaron Wu, Beau Gants

District 10
Bonney Lake-Sumner Little League, Bonney Lake, WA
District Administrator Charlie Frampton
President Jay Lewandowski

District 10
Manager John Umar, Coaches Pops Evers & Patrick Murphy
Players Joey Muscarnera, Owen Umar, Jack Belcher, Evan Byerly, Eli Evers, Case Ford, Jonathan Godfrey, Collin Hamilton, Jacob Rasher, Jacob Clark, Ty Petrina, Zach Degn, Christian Thomson, Collin Wolf, Jalen Cope

District 11
South Skagit Little League, Arlington, WA
District Administrator Ken Tyler
President Spencer Gibson

District 11
Manager Rod Nelson, Coaches Bill Vest & Sean Steiner
Players Allen Beath, Ryan Linman, Colby Buechel, Josiah Nelson, Bryson Smith, Alex Couch, Damian Wheatcroft, Malik Wilkens, Cooper Tobiason, Jesse Arce, Jacob Baker

District 12
Upper Valley Little League, Naches, WA
District Administrator Kim Betzsold
President Steve Partlow

District 12
Manager Bill Wells Jr., Coaches Ron Deaton & Tanner Young
Players Austin Simmons, Zach Dremann, Ryan Deaton, Jeb Callaghan, Billy Emmal, Jay Whorton, Kellen Stoffer, Chase Wells, DJ Lantis, Conner Phelps

District 13
West Plains Little League, Cheney, Medical Lake FAFB, WA
District Administrator George Kinney
President Adam Smith

No Picture Provided by the Team
Manager Brian Witt, Coaches Dan Wagner & Austin Sharp
Players Samson Brown, Logan Pratt, Harrison King, Cory Wagner, Riley Jones, Jackson Shaw, Matthew Christensen, Tristen Kieth, Chance Gleave, Brayden Hale, Jordan Calero, Andrew Witt

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