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Washington District 2 Tournaments

2011 District 2 Tournaments

Site locations are identified for this year's tournaments!

North Kitsap Little Leagues will host the 9-10 Year Old, the 10-11 Year Old, the Major, and the Junior Girls Softball District tournaments.  The Major tournament will start on June 25th and the other tournaments will start on July 2nd

South Kitsap Southern Little League will host the 9-10 & 10-11 Year Old Baseball District tournaments. The tournaments will start on July 1st.

North Mason Little League will host the Major Baseball District tournament. The tournament will start on July 8th.

South Kitsap Western Little League will host the Junior and Senior Baseball tournaments. The Juniors start July 2nd and the Seniors start July 9th.

Our District will again host the Big League Baseball Regional tournament. This year it will again be held at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds on the same field that the Blue Jackets use. The Big League Regional games start on Saturday July 16th and run through Friday July 23rd.

See the appropriate link below for the game brackets. These will be updated with game results as they are reported. Note that game days and times are subject to change.

Team Roster forms (fill out two for each game) can be downloaded here (MSWord PDF).

Guidelines for Tournament Play can be downloaded icon HERE.

Note, maps to the fields have been added.  Click on the links above for a map and directions to the field you are interested in.

For information on the State tournaments go to www.LittleLeagueWA.org


2011 District 2 Tournament Updates

Check back often for updated information.

Tournament Schedules and Scores

9-10 Year Old

  July 10, 2011
Gig Harbor National Champions
4th in State

July 10, 2011
Gig Harbor American/National Champions
4th in State

10-11 Year Old

July 10, 2011
Bainbridge Island Blue Champions
7th in State

July 10, 2011
Gig Harbor American/National Champions
State Champions


  July 14, 2011
Bainbridge Island Champions

June 28, 2011
East Jefferson District Champions
3rd in State


July 10, 2011
South Kitsap Western Champions
7th in State

July 2, 2011
Gig Harbor / Key Peninsula Champions
4th in State


July 10, 2011
South Kitsap Western/Eastern Champions

Big League

July 17, 2011
North Kitsap / Bainbridge Island State Champions

Washington State

9-10 Softball
July 25, 2011
Dist 9 Sno-Valley North State Champions

Western Regional

Big League Baseball
July 22, 2011
Northern California Regional Champions

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For information on the State tournaments go to www.LittleLeagueWA.org

For all of the Regional and World Series schedules and information for all divisions go to http://www.littleleague.org/series/2011divisions/index.htm

2011 9-10 Softball Champions


9-10 Softball
Gig Harbor American & National Little Leagues
Gig Harbor
Gig Harbor American & National
Manager Mike Paul, Coaches Mark Ivester & Eric Harry
Players: Lauryn Fuller, Morgan Leinstock, Emily Carlson, Amanda Carlson, Adelaide Werner, Mairin Harry, Skylar Paul, Allie Ivester, Alli Brown, Emma Maughan, Madisen McCutcheon

2011 Junior Softball Champions


Junior Softball
Gig Harbor & Key Peninsula Little Leagues
Gig Harbor
Manager Scott Cantu, Coaches Brad Adams & Steve Elligsen
Players: #7 Taylor Adams, #24 Madison Anderton, #10 Kassidy Cantu, #4 Kristin Elligsen, #13 Brianna Finley, #12 Katy Hansen, #11 Hanna Patterson, #2 Alayna Piwonski, #15 Kala Roark, #6 Lauren Vandette

2011 Major Baseball Champions


Major Baseball
Bainbridge Island Little League
Bainbridge Island
Gig Harbor American
Manager: Troy Niehaus, Coaches: Jeff Jacobson, Mike Brooks & Steve Mikami
Players: #4, Cameron Mikami, #5, Brooks Wallace, #6, Thomas Crowley, #7, Jason Kozlosky, #8, Riley Dunn, #9, Jack Niehaus, #10, Evan Ferguson, #12, Jeffrey Jacobson, #13, Coltrane Brooks, #14, Warren King, #22, John Michael Najarian, #23, Colin O’Keefe, #25, Matthew Spence

2011 Senior Baseball Champions


Senior Baseball
South Kitsap Western Little League
Port Orchard
South Kitsap Western
Manager Allan Muyskens, Coaches Ryan Muyskens & Monte Mendenhall
Players:Kyle Adams, Chad Bray, Daevon Christensen-Adams, Bryce Gourley, Mitchell Gourley, Cameron Lee, Kyle Metzger, Tanner Moseson, Alex Muyskens, TK Pronovost, Sam Skinner, Martin Usquiano, Brayden Veach


2011 Major Softball Champions


Major Softball
East Jefferson Little League
East Jefferson
Kaycee Hathaway, Megan Weller, Kelle Settje, Paula Snider, Shanya Nisbet, Bailey Castillo, Kaylie Castillo, Bradyn Nelson, Taylor Carthum, Mechelle Nisbet, Lauren Montgomery Holly Snider, Kyah McKinlay, Ryley Eldridge

2011 Big League Softball Champions


Big League Softball
North Kitsap & Bainbridge Island Little Leagues
Poulsbo & Bainbridge Island
Washington State Champions
North Kitsap & Bainbridge Island
Manager Scott Knutsen, Coaches: Frank Dominguez & Andy Fredericksen
Players: Brooke Bird #22, Hailey Carstensen #7, Tani Dominguez #8, Alexa Ekonomakis #77, Lindsey Fredericksen #1, Claire Hodges #36, Miranda Holt #21, Erin Jones #18, Taylor Knutsen #00, Reanna Rapada #12, Karrissa Sheriff #2, Sydney Thompson #5, Kalie Weible #24, Kristi Worley #42

2011 Junior Baseball Champions


Junior Baseball
South Kitsap Western Little League
Port Orchard
South Kitsap Western
Manager Rich Cantu, Coaches Pat Pronovost & Bill Jones
Players: Nate Arnold Zach Cantu Jesse Cargile Tyler Hale Logan Hendren Kodey Jeffries JD Jones John Ostrowski Cody Polacek Joey Pronovost Dustin Rice Tyler Varner