Monday, January 24, 2022
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General Information

Interleague Play - Baseball & Softball

In District 2 we utilize interleague play for several divisions. It is important to remember that every league participating in interleague play agrees to abide by the Interleague Rules that are established for the division in which they are participating. In some cases (Minor & Major baseball) the interleague play is between a small group of leagues. In those cases the interleague rules are established by the few leagues participating. Our Softball, Intermediate baseball and Senior baseball encompass more leagues and the interleague rules for those groups have been established by the participating leagues and documented by the District.

For a copy of the Minor or Major baseball interleague rules contact your league. The interleague rules for Softball, Intermediate and Senior baseball are available here on the District 2 website. Updated May 24, 2021

WA D2 Section 5 Guidelines for Interleague Baseball 2021

WA D2 Section 6 Guidelines for Interleague Softball 2021

If a division is participating in interleague play, for instance Major Softball, all games shall be played using the Interleague Rules whether the game is between teams from different leagues or teams from the same league. In other words, use one set of rules for all games played. Don't be changing the rules at different game sites.

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